Peter Vaughan for Mayor

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The People's Voice

More about My Policies and Objectives

Three Main Objectives

The three main problems you've told Peter about, you believe your Council should be fixing:

  • Pollution

  • Transport

  • Rates


It's not pretty when we flush and heavy rain hits Auckland. Overflows of Sewage swamp the beaches. Swimming, fishing or gathering shellfish become a danger to your health.

Plastics line the shore, rubbish in the gutters... recycling is a joke. Few know, all rubbish goes to Landfill as China no longer takes our rubbish. WHAT DO WE DO NOW?


As Your Mayor, I will approve the installation of the most advanced waste recycling plant ever designed. It is another Kiwi Inspirational achievement that will have Global Impact. A waste plant that consumes ALL the rubbish we can produce, turning domestic waste, like plastic, tins and glass, commercial and industrial waste, into Power for Auckland. The process uses sea water for cooling, producing steam, and when cooled, provides fresh distilled water for Auckland. One plant alone will generate $160 Million revenue to Auckland. No landfills to poison our land. Two plants North and South of the City will double everything and produce $320 million for the City.  





Prior to becoming Mayor, I'm fully aware we have a broken roading system. Auckland Transport have messed up the roads, interrupted businesses, caused stress and accidents, but say they're improving things like safety and traffic flows. THEY ARE A JOKE!  Here's how this came about just so you know. The Government passed an ACT in 2010 allowing Auckland Transport to have complete control over Auckland's roads (you paid for). Irrespective that Auckland City Council owns Auckland Transport 100%, it has no say in what Auckland Transport does and yet they receive 50% of Auckland City Council's revenue. What Idiot Government official or department came up with that idea? Answer, McKinlay Douglas Limited in Tauranga! (click the underlined link below).


My job will be to approach New Zealand Government, requesting an intelligent review and to remove the dysfunctional Auckland Transport, who under Mayor's Brown and Goff, have taken Auckland to the brink of Bankruptcy. Cause: The decision to create a Super City in October 2010. To get Auckland out of further debt from utter mismanagement by aforesaid Mayors AND the CEO and defunct team of Auckland Transport, they have to be removed Now! To read how it came about, click the following link, and then you'll see it was a BIG mistake and why we need to Reverse the ACT! 

I will work to put a stop to the Heavy Rail heading from Albert Street in central Auckland. Install rail-less Smart Trains at a greatly reduced cost, free up the roads, re-locate cycle ways onto foot (and) bike paths, Reinstate parking in greater Auckland and multi tower car parking at improved public transport stations. No trams with overhead power lines in local suburbs and reduce, if not eliminate fares on reliable city transport systems.

I will look into providing the public with Electric Vehicles at subsidised cost with lease to buy options that will not disrupt present household incomes. This will significantly reduce exhaust emissions and reduce climate affecting gasses, and along with the new power plants that use rubbish as fuel with no emissions and zero-waste, earn millions of Carbon Credits, and the World can follow Auckland's lead.


Who is
Peter Vaughan?

My Initiatives and Inventions

My invention of fertiliser from fish waste and seaweed, inhibits soil run-off into streams, increases crop yield, improves plant and stock health, and reduces flooding. I am a problem solver and act to get things done.

My interest in human behaviour led to my creating software helping Companies (SME’s) with employment, staff fit, and the means to map and project Company productivity with less staff churn.


I was a panellist on the top-rated TV series, 'the Profilers' in 2003/2004 (produced by Julie Christie), and I enjoys sports such as archery, shooting, Karate, but I also take time out to watch a good movie.
My extensive involvement in electrical construction includes:

  • Auckland's BNZ Towers, Auckland International Airport, Auckland University

  • Hunua Dam, NZE Marsden Power Station, Wellington Cable Car, BNZ Bank Onehunga

  • Western Springs College redevelopment, Epsom Teachers College rebuild

  • Heards sweet manufacturers re-location, Acrow Scaffolding, Coca Cola, Bondpak

  • Several residential housing developments for NZH and private home builds

  • Bond Pack and original Oasis Industries (Coca Cola) factory automation

  • Maungaturoto Milk powder and casein plant

  • Whenuapai Air Base, Hobsonville Army and SAS Military Base, and Auckland's Naval Base.

I have five children, and my beautiful wife Carolyn and I have been together for 21 years.​

I was asked to run as the Mayor of Auckland to be the People's Voice, and said "Yes" without hesitation, I will be the People’s Voice' for Auckland. Our City is choking from transport mismanagement, building consent delays, misspending on non essentials and neglecting the People's Voice's. Auckland’s arterial's are coagulated every working day. THIS HAS TO BE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY, AND I HAVE THE SOLUTIONS.

Vote Peter Vaughan for Mayor - Councillor for West Auckland, & District Health Board.

Peter Vaughan Bio

Life is what you decide it will be. Born in Auckland, Dad and Granddad were builders, Mum, wise, supportive, loving. I became an Electrician, worked nights projecting films, became a Territorial Soldier. invented Security systems; Organic Fish & Seaweed blended Fertilisers, was invited to India and spoke at University Hissar on Soil Science. Qualified as an Ambulance Officer while working at Marsden Power Station. Invented Anti-Wear device for Combustion Engines. Patented Identifying Illegal Vehicles at fuel stations to shut down pumps. Studied Human Psychology. Achieved recognition as a NZ Leader at 2009 Entrepreneurs Summit. Sport interests Chidokan Karate since 17.

Asked to run for Mayor of Auckland 2019.

Smart City

What is Smart City Technology ?


Technology is advancing so quickly, Auckland can benefit from its implementation


  • Communicate directly with City Transport

  • Link with your community to keep you safe at all times

  • Have rubbish collected when your bin is full and not have to not wait for rubbish day

  • Phone/cell phone communications wherever you go

  • Shopping delivered directly to your door when running low on anything

  • You, are part of a community, you are special, you are safe, you are important

  • Provides work opportunity when it knocks in another direction so you don't miss out

  • Social networking that has you in mind and looks after your interests

  • And so much more...

Smart City Trains that don't need tracks. Suburb vehicles that pick you up and deliver you to your Malls and take you home again. Reliable public transport - home to city and back again. Less stress, less accidents, reduced fares and happier Rate Payers. A winner all round!


              A MAN WITH VISION

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