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Peter Vaughan for Mayor 2022

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A Mayor that delivers real results

Solving Auckland’s Traffic Problems

PROBLEM: Rush Hour: 5:30am - 9am, and 3pm - 7pm++.

SOLUTION: Frequent hi tech road trains, CARRYING 300 - 500 passengers. 


PROBLEM: Auckland Transport is not accountable to the City.

SOLUTION: Auckland Transport to be controlled by Council.

PROBLEM: Lack of parking city wide.

SOLUTION: Reinstate car-parks and build multi-level parking at park n rides.


PROBLEM: Millions wasted on cycle lanes that few use, obstructing traffic.

SOLUTION: Relocate cycle lanes to widened footpaths.

                          Sensible Problem Solving  



Solving Auckland’s Pollution & Waste Issues

PROBLEM: Plastics and effluent pollute our beaches and waterways. All rubbish collected from your house goes to landfill mixed together, no recycling. Chinese Company Beijing Capital owns the landfills and makes Billions from your rubbish by burying it. But it resurfaces in floods, catches fire and pollutes our beautiful country. Landfills are toxic and a major cause of Climate Change.

​SOLUTION: As Mayor I will install advanced waste recycling plants, taking all our rubbish and turning it into electricity. I have already got the deals in action before being Mayor. Tons of clean distilled water is also provided from the same Company. The plants burn domestic and industrial waste, plastic, metals, glass, asbestos and chemicals, nothing goes to atmosphere, landfill or into waterways - 100% zero waste. Waste materials can also be converted into high value products. This will make Auckland a cleaner, greener City. STOP LANDFILLS!


PROBLEM: The decision to create a Super City (November 1, 2010)

To get Auckland out of further debt from mismanagement by previous Mayors, CEOs and leaders of Auckland Transport, we must address these issues. Now!

To read how it came about, click the link below* and you'll see who did this. It was a BIG mistake and that's why we need to reverse the Act Central Government made in 2010! 

SOLUTION: Approach Central Government to request an intelligent review, and remove the dysfunctional Auckland Transport, who under Mayors' Brown and Goff, have taken Auckland to the brink of bankruptcy.

To read how it came about, click *here and you'll see who wrote it up. It was a mistake and that's why we need to Rewrite the Act!


     I will get Auckland               moving:

  • I intend to put a stop to Heavy Rail heading from Albert Street into Central and South Auckland.

  • Install Rubber Wheeled Trains and a pressurised air driven train system, at massive savings to Auckland.

  • Alter cycle ways, away from the roads to improve safety, modifying footpaths acommodating foot and cycle traffic.

  • Reinstate parking in greater Auckland and look build multi-tower car parks with improved public transport stations.

  • Reduce fares on convenient and reliable city transport systems that work. Commuters will benefit.


Swap your fossil fueld engine for electric or Hydrogen powered vehicle

I have devised a means to help Aucklander's buy electric and hydrogen powered vehicles at subsidised cost with lease to buy options that will not disrupt present household incomes. This will remove emmissions and toxic gasses, and with the new power plants using rubbish as fuel, no emissions and zero-waste, earning millions IN Carbon Credits. Help the World follow Auckland's lead. This is a very good deal for those wishing to change their petrol cars to alternatives. Vote for Peter Vaughan - I have you in mind.


Even before becoming the next Mayor, I've discovered how to reduce rates by lowering water and rubbish collection costs, but Mayor Goff has raised rates by 3.5% (For some rate payers the reality is 9% +) due to the blow-out of the CRL (City Rail Link). The original contract to build the new (backward thinking) "Heavy Rail" has blown out it's budget right from the start. It was reported another $5 Billion may be needed when the line tries to link with the existing main trunk line due to difficulties with communications. Hidden agendas, hidden costs and they knew it from the start. Auckland Rate Payers are going to bleed through the nose on this ridiculous project. It should NEVER have been started. 

​Transparency: Let’s open the books and see where your rates are really going as is required by Law. This CRL project has breached the Local Body Act, been ignored and abused by the present and former Mayors of Auckland. Let’s end the secretive and irresponsible behaviour by those we have trusted to run our City! Vote Peter Vaughan for Mayor.


A Newly Led Council with You in Mind

  • Push for FREE, modern, public transport or as low cost as possible

  • Remove cycleways from city roads; modify multipurpose foot & cycle traffic

  • Engage in upgrading or widening roads if needed to improve infrastructure

  • No light Rail. Stop heavy rail. Support rubber wheel and air driven train technology

  • Support local businesses. They employ most of the workforce

  • Build high-rise car parks alongside bus and rail stations (park n ride)

  • Move Building Consents process to the private sector reducing council employees

  • Address climate crisis claims. Stop landfills and dumping rubbish into the sea     

  • Increase clean water stocks to Auckland using new technology

  • Work toward FREE rubbish collections

  • STOP 5G Ensure all Aucklanders have access to SAFE in-house high speed fibre - there is nothing faster!

  • Halt all 1080 drops in the Auckland region!

  • Introduce new Education system as the present one is failing

  • TED Conference on Education worth listening to

WATCH - Peter Vaughan, the People's Voice. 

Peter says; "be the change to make Auckland great again".

At election time, Vote 

Peter Vaughan Mayor.

Click the short video

Peter Vaughan for Mayor
Who is Peter Vaughan?

Peter Vaughan Bio

Born in Auckland, I became an Electrician, worked nights projecting films, became a Territorial Soldier, Ambulance officer, invented Security systems, Organic Fish & Seaweed blended Fertilisers, invited to India to speak at University "Hissar" on Soil Science and how to increase crop production.

Studied new frontiers' in human Psychology.

Achieved recognition as a NZ Leader at 2009 Entrepreneurs' Summit.

Sports include; Chidokan Karate since age 17, archery and shooting.


I am married to Carolyn and we have been together for 21 years.

Since February I have identified Auckland's major issues, found the means to Reduce Debt and fix traffic, reconfigure bike lanes away from roads, find pollution solutions, generate more power, and see how to reduce rates. It is said, 'Luck Favours the Prepared', and I am prepared, ready and willing for Mayoralty of Auckland, working beside you with open books.


My invention of fertiliser from fish waste and seaweed, stops soil run-off into streams, increases crop yield, improves plant and stock health, and reduces flooding. I am a problem solver and act to get things done.

My interest in human behaviour led to my creating software helping Companies (Small to Medium Enterprises) with employment, staff fit, and the means to map and project Company productivity, with less staff churn.

I was a panelist on the top-rated TV series, 'the Profilers' in 2003/2004 (produced by Julie Christie), and I enjoy sports such as archery, shooting, Karate, but also, I take time out and watch a good movie.

  • Auckland's BNZ Towers, Auckland International Airport, Auckland University

  • Hunua Dam, NZE Marsden Power Station, Wellington Cable Car, BNZ Bank Onehunga

  • Western Springs College redevelopment, Epsom Teachers College rebuild

  • Heards sweet manufacturers re-location, Acrow Scaffolding, Coca Cola, Bondpak

  • Several residential housing developments for NZH and private home builds

  • Bond Pack and original Oasis Industries (Coca Cola) factory automation

  • Maungaturoto Milk powder and casein plant

  • Whenuapai Air Base, Hobsonville Army and SAS Military Base, and Auckland's Naval Base.

I was asked to run as the Mayor of Auckland to be the People's Voice, I said "Yes" without hesitation.

I am the People’s Voice' for Auckland. Our City is choking from transport mismanagement, building consent delays and escalating costs. Misspending on non essentials and neglecting the people's call for help. Auckland’s arterial's are coagulated every working day!



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